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Our Last Days
Our last few days together consisted of a children's card game, Superman, and an online activist group known for less than legal activities. Our first few days together are long forgotten. For a pair of 18 year old males, two years is a long time to remember anything, let alone how they met.
I do remember how those final days started though- it was a text message. "Jim ru there", the message read, with his characteristically excellent spelling and grammar. "Im coming to pick u up lets go to the park or something bring your cards". I spent a few minutes trying to understand his systematic slaughter of the English language, then responded.
"Yeah, sure, I'll be ready."
Sid was a strange one. Out of all the guys at my high school, he was the one who was actually… civilized. Mature would be the wrong word. I mean, we were about to go to a park to play a card game that we had when we were in third grade.
But maybe that was what made us friends: zero judgment. No pressure. Just do what y
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Will You Miss Me When I'm Gone?
This may be the last thing that I write for long
Can you hear me smiling when I sing this song, for you
And only you

Those are the opening lyrics to "The Last Song" by The All-American Rejects. One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands. That song (which I encourage you to Google, it's quite excellent), basically describes how I feel about Central right now- melancholy, nostalgic... even a little, dare I say it, sad.
I entered Central 4 years ago, like most of the graduating class of 2012. I did not expect to miss it upon graduating. It was too much work, too much running around, too many complicated hallways, too many obnoxious upperclassmen, and not enough friendly faces to balance it all out.
Which goes to show you that even I, yes, me, jazzberry76, can be wrong sometimes. Rarely. Hardly ever. But it does happen. Let's see where we are 4 years later- no work, no running, a severe lack of complications, WE are the obnoxious upperclassmen (some things don't change),
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You see the girl every day. You might walk past her. You might ignore her. You might even laugh at her.
Or you could be different. You might stop and say something, anything to her. But that's a  rare thing to find in this world. It takes understanding, and it is a mark of a truly strong soul.
She didn't look at me. I didn't blame her. No one talked to her, except when they wanted to make jokes at her expense.
"What's your name?"
Funny, how I didn't even know that. She told me, but she still didn't look at me.
Honestly, I was a little surprised by myself. This wasn't like me. But everyone had a point where they needed to act, and I had just met mine.
"You ok?"
Now she looked at me.
"All right, that was a stupid question."
She looked back down and tucked her blonde hair behind her ear. "Go away," she said. "They'll just make trouble for you too."
I wasn't about
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How Lucky I Am
Well, DA, it's been a long time. Not that anyone really cares... I don't get much publicity even when I'm busy.
Anyway, I've recently had a life changing experience. It wasn't really something dramatic or a specific event, it slowly occurred over the space of 3 days. And it didn't radically change the way I live my life, either. Instead, it changed the way I see myself.
But I guess that's being a little vague. So let's go back and explain everything.
The last time I updated my journal was October 9 of last year. That was not a particularly good time for me, for reasons that would take a long time to explain. It's enough to say that my confidence in myself and in my everyday actions was pretty much shattered. My creativity sort of went with it too. (Not sure which was worse to lose)
Well, one month went by and then it was November. Things definitely picked up a bit around here. The reason for this was simple- I finally got my stuff together, found a little bit of courage, and began dati
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Smoke Faeries
Drifting upwards and slowly scattering
to each corner of the world in the wind.
Such a wonderful sight,
but a little sad, too.
Just another reminder of how nothing
will last forever if it's beautiful.
So I sit and watch them,
Fated Faeries in smoke
And wonder about this world of mine.
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When am I Going?
Waiting on your train,
Checking your time,
the schedule is unclear and changes.
You ask a stranger
(who is not strange
to you at all)
When will I be gone from here?
He stares
When you want to leave,
She answers you.
Your eyes close and
it's like she was never there.
Now look
and leave when you're ready.
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He's a Friend
"So," said Death.
"Are you ready to go?"
"It's been a long time,
you've had a good show."
"A moment," I said.
"Til I take my leave."
"Til you have my ghost,
til I'm finally free."
"There's no time!" cried Death.
"I've a quota to meet!"
"You've got friends to see,
and family to greet."
Then he took my arm, and we marched away
Silently, not sadly, into the gray
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Batman: Not a Hero
Far above the city, above the crime filled streets, above the darkness that composed the city of Gotham at night, the masked figure known as Batman perched atop a stone building. It was a night like any other in Gotham, punctuated with violence and terrible acts. To fight this tide of evil was like fighting nature- no matter how many times one tried, the outcome would never change. But Batman had sworn to never stop fighting the nature of this city, no matter the cost to himself.
He looked down on Gotham through his cowl, and used its high-tech imaging software to make out the ground below him. Nobody who needed stopping here. He was wasting time. Without another thought, he lifted his cape and used it to soar from rooftop to rooftop, the night wind blowing into the exposed part of his face.
As he moved, he reminded himself why he made this his Mission. That fateful night so many years ago, the death of Bruce Wayne's family- his family. Rachel Dawes, setting him straight, showing him w
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Victorious in Death
They are hunting us. They have been hunting us for a long time now. There is no way we can escape them. They are perfect, they have no flaws. They're technically human, homo sapiens,  but they're not like us. They're different now.
They hunt us with the elements. Slowly, the old humans are being wiped out. We can run, and we can hide in our cities, but they will always find us, and they will always kill us. It is the way of this world.
They might be perfect, but they're lost. We are flawed, filled with imperfections, but we are still alive. We can still choose our own path. We can decide our own fate.
Them? They can't choose anything but the "perfect" way. What they're told to do.
The funny thing is, the people telling them what to do aren't "perfect". They're just as flawed as us. They're using their free will to cause this. We can't fathom why they would do this. For power? It's not really power. They're commanding mindless slaves, more or less. What kind of power is that?
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A Freezing View by jazzberry76 A Freezing View :iconjazzberry76:jazzberry76 0 2 High Noon on Mars by jazzberry76 High Noon on Mars :iconjazzberry76:jazzberry76 0 4 More Land on the Horizon by jazzberry76 More Land on the Horizon :iconjazzberry76:jazzberry76 1 0
Clone Wars: Beliefs
The air on the planet was cold and made breathing slightly difficult. The inhabitants of the planet were just as cold. Almost all of them were treating the Republic's clone armies with open derision, in in a few isolated encounters, with violence.
Ahsoka Tano, the young Padawan learner of the great Jedi Anakin Skywalker, didn't understand the hostility. She had been administering aid to a youngling in one of the villages, and an elder had approached them, taken the child away, and yelled something at Ahsoka. Ahsoka had asked a clone to translate, but the soldier had shifted his weight uncomfortably and shook his head.
"I'd rather not say that to an officer," he had said.
She didn't understand… after all, the Republic was actually helping the people. The Separatists just wanted the material that came from the ice caves. The Republic was trying to help the indigenous people stay free.
"Master?" she said.
Anakin was looking out from the command tower in the Republic's base camp. It w
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Second Chances
"I don't trust her."
Tension was running high, and patience was running thin. Ever since Private Faith Wilde had surrendered to the cruiser Uninhibited of the Republic of Free Systems, the cruiser's crew had been generally furious. No one wanted her there- they all thought her a spy, a liar, an enemy. The only one standing between her and an execution was the famed leader of Shock Squadron, Darek Fallan, known for his countless victories against the RFS's enemy, a large group of systems that had broken away and formed a cordoned-off empire.
Darek was wearing his matte-green combat armor, minus the helmet. He didn't look at the speaker, his second in command. "Well, I do," Darek said. "She stays."
The second in command, whose name was unpronounceable, and who everyone called Jay, shook his head. "No disrespect, sir, but I- that is, the crew, feels that your judgment may be clouded."
"You think I'm emotionally involved," Darek said flatly. It wasn't a question. "This conversation is over
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Well, yesterday was my last day of high school. It was exceedingly wet. Yes, wet. We had a gigantic water balloon fight. I do not envy the people who had to clean that up…

But anyway, it was sad. It was so sad that I decided to write an essay about my experience on it (all names were shortened). Needless to say, I am really going to miss my school and all the people I met there.

So what's going on in my life right now? I really feel like I'm approaching a major turning point, actually. Some big things are going to be happening soon, at least, that's the feeling I have. I'm feeling optimistic for said changes, but I can't really know for sure until they happen. So what am I doing about this?

Well, I spoke to the teacher who was my group leader on the retreat I went on, who has become something of a mentor to me. We talked (for what was probably the last time like that), and she told me to make sure I did "everything on God's time." I never really thought about it like that, but doing things when it's convenient for Him, not me, sounds like a really good idea.

I've been writing quite a bit, just not typing any of it. I have a bad habit of doing that. So do not worry, O Anonymous Dweller of the Internet. There is more goodness coming from jazzberry76's twisted mind.

Speaking of twisted minds, last night I had a dream I was the Joker. THAT was a bit weird, to say the least. I'd chalk that one up to too much excitement for The Dark Knight Rises. And The Amazing Spider-Man. And The Avengers (Which I've already seen twice). What can I say… I like superheroes. Not to mention The Avengers was an awesome film by itself. And Christopher Nolan ALWAYS delivers.

Creativity wise, I haven't had any huge, brilliant ideas lately. I've been kicking around the thought of starting to work on my novel again… but I just can't bring myself to do it. And I have an idea for a TV show script that I would love to write… but again, I just don't know if I want to start it or not. But at least I have the idea for it! (If I would start it, it's about the intense and often dark lives of people involved in showbiz)

That's about all I got for now! All the really important stuff is in the essay I just uploaded. If you read this, keep me in your thoughts and prayers for whatever changes are about to occur. Thank you and have a great day!


Jazz Berry
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I love to write and will take requests if they are interesting and appropriate.
In particular, I love superheroes and sci fi.

I will also try my hand at creating OC's if someone wants. And don't worry, my services are 100% free!


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